Effectiveness of Activity Based Teaching (ABT) for Compulsory Subject of Islamiyat

A Case Study at Elementary School Level


  • Inayat-ul-Haq
  • Muhammad Zulqarnain


activity-based teaching, Islamiyat, elementary level, education


In this paper, effectiveness of Activity Based Teaching (ABT) for compulsory subject of Islamiyat has been investigated. The research was triggered by observing unsatisfactory learning outcomes of traditional teaching methods being used to teach the compulsory subject of Islamiyat at elementary level. According to nature of study the experimental research method was applied to evaluate the effectiveness of Activity Based Teaching. The researcher designed a role play activity for the students of elementary level, which was carried out in a school, monitored by Government of Punjab. The activity was based upon two steps (pre-test and post-test). The results obtained from the pre and post-test established that ABT was enormously effective as it remarkably improved the students’ knowledge, concepts, skills and expertise as well as developed the learning attitude, interest and confidence. The research therefore recommends that ABT should be applied to teach Islamiyat at elementary school level in order to gain conceptual clarity, accomplish Islamic goals and for the development of Islamic values. Using ABT will provide an opportunity to students in attaining sound knowledge, conceptual clarity, self-belief, and provoking interest in their religion.