فراغت کے اوقات کا درست استعمال ازروئے قرآن


  • Dr. Maria Wahid


Lexical, literal, Salvation, Sufficient, Freedom, Society, Islam, Leisure time, Qur'anic guidance, Islamic Teaching


Can help clarify the meaning of leisure. If the lexical meaning of leisure is taken into account in the literal sense, then leisure means the time which is available after getting rid of the daily chores, salvation and redemption a time in which man is naturally and naturally acquainted with the feelings of peace and tranquility and finds a sufficient amount of time in which there is a world of carefree and comfort, a time that man will also find in his life so it means that he has found time for leisure and such time is available almost daily in the life of every human being. Although it is possible to reduce the amount of time.

Allah Almighty blessed human beings with limited freedom and some duties and rights and also provided a guided Qur'anic guidance so that they can have free time after completing their duties.

spend it in constructive works so that not only he but the whole society can be associated with the remembrance of God in this worldly and other worldly success. And every intelligent person has a duty that they spread the knowledge of knowledge to others besides themselves so that Qur'anic guidance may become common in our life along with the reorganization of the modern nation of Islam and we may not be among the regretrs in this world and in the hereafter.