The principles of Sufism mentioned in Al-Abriz and their usage in contemporary times


  • Muhammad Ramzan Saeedi PhD Scholar, Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Government College University, Faisalabad


Overflowing, Survival, Relationship, Depression and anxiety, Kashf, Sincerity, Worship, Love of the Messenger, Love of Allah


Acquiring the love of Allah is a sublime pleasure that surpasses all worldly luxuries and pleasures. When someone is blessed with God's love and the love of the Messenger of God, they experience such profound joy and contentment from divine power that they become oblivious to everything else and are absorbed in a state of inner peace. Worship, too, is meant to be pure and reserved solely for Allah Ta'ala. If any element of show or pretense enters into worship, it loses its sincerity and becomes mere display. Each person worships according to their capacity—some more, some less—but the worship that is accepted and beloved to Allah is marked by piety, sincerity, and genuine love for God. Our actions should always seek to please Allah. Similarly, patience plays a crucial role in an individual's social life. Throughout history, nations have faced both good and bad times. Nations that cannot endure difficult situations with courage are quickly destroyed, their legacy erased. In contrast, those that exhibit bravery and perseverance are rewarded with victory. In our own lives, we should adopt an attitude of gratitude, ensuring that our Lord is pleased with us and continues to bless us. By making gratitude a habit, it becomes as natural as breathing, and life can smile even amid challenges and hardships. In spirituality, kashf is a unique ability that allows the possessor to traverse the universe spiritually. Through kashf, one can encounter angels, prophets, and saints, whether with open or closed eyes, depending on the individual's spiritual status. The ultimate goal of human life is to reach the highest state of worship. However, beginners often experience intense depression and anxiety due to their initial entanglement in worldly relationships. Allah Almighty is pure and unmatched, making the path to divine connection challenging without guidance. A Perfect Peer, who is close to Allah and aware of the spiritual path, serves as a bridge between the seeker and the Divine. Such a guide helps individuals navigate their spiritual journey, bringing them closer to their desired relationship with Allah. When people form this relationship, they often become captivated by the spiritual truths and knowledge they receive, which are so profound that language fails to express them. Those who reach an exalted state of spiritual subsistence are filled with such profound insights and wisdom that words cannot capture their depth.